Ogling at Tourist in Goa

7 Things NOT to Do while in GOA

Don’t gulp Fenni too fast. Its Fire Water !” 

Drinking Fenni in Goa

Drinking Fenni in Goa

Booze is cheap in Goa and so is the local drink Fenni. Fenni is a pretty fiery drink and burns as it goes down the chute for the first timers. Its pungent and its a hard drink. Yet it’s a very popular local drink for many Goans. So, be warned.

Please Don’t Ogle at bikini-clad tourists 

Ogling at Tourist in Goa

Ogling at Tourist in Goa

It’s a cultural shock to some. Some cultured guys leave their cultures behind once away from home. For some it’s “paisa vasool”. Whatever be the case, please don’t look so desperate and ogle at foreigners and your desi sisters, till you drool. And sometimes those dark shades don’t hide your intentions and  drooling expressions. So, please don’t embarrass yourself and give your country a bad name!

Down memory lane – Pics of Bombay of old

Don’t step into the sea in a Sari or Lungi Lungi dance at the Goa Beach

Lungi dance at the Goa Beach !

I have witnessed Life guards at the Calangute beach warning tourist not to venture  in the water wearing Lungis and Saries. I am sure they have a very good reason to warn tourist against doing that. If you don’t leave your Lungi at the hotel then the  waves will make sure to take them off you!

And if  the Lungi is tied too tight – that one certain high & rough wave will carry you along with your Lungi deeper inside. No more Lungi dance in the water then

Goa does not start with Calangute & end with Baga !

Barretto Holidays - Places to see in Goa

Barretto Holidays – Places to see in Goa

There is more to Goa then just Calangute, Panjim, Old Goa and Baga. Please try the other beaches seldom frequented by tourist. A Dutch tourist read about the 10 least frequented beaches in Goa and replied to me that it is still true. Less crowd there and cleaner beaches.You can try them and give me your feedback.

Your next visit to Goa avoid the beaten track & explore more about Goa !!!

Please don't buy Hawaiian Shirts. Looks so passé man !!!

Hawaiian Shirts in GOA

Hawaiian Shirts in GOA ! Please Don’t !!!

The Aloha shirt, commonly referred to as a Hawaiian shirt, is a style of dress shirt originating in Hawaii. It is still currently the premier textile export of the Hawaii. But this is Goa man !!!  

Please don’t get tacky  !  These days we have lots of choices for beach and Holiday wear. 

And please don’t litter the beaches in Goa !

Litter on the Beaches in Goa

Litter on the Beaches in Goa

It’s painful to see the amount of litter on the beaches in Goa, especially on the North Goa beaches.  Some drink like there is no tomorrow and then throw the bottles, left overs, paper plates &  napkins around.  Foreign nationals have started various campaigns in the past to keep our Goan beaches clean and beautiful. A lot more can be written on this topic. Eventually, each of us has to do our little part in keeping our beaches in Goa beautiful and  clean. Should I say ‘Viva Goa’ yet !?! 

Finally, please don’t Drink and Drive while in Goa .

Drinking and Driving in Goa

Drinking and Driving in Goa

As it is Goa is know for  road accidents due to the  high number of bikes and drunken driving.

Most people get shocked when they find out the low prices of  booze in Goa. Some who come to Goa are very well aware of it and drinking and buying liquor bottles happens to be on the top of their list. Low booze prices converts to ‘drink till you choke’ like a gutter for some. Please don’t drink like there is no tomorrow and the then worse drive after drinking. Drink responsibly while in Goa.

!!! Viva Goa !!!

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