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Bonderam Festival at Divar Island Goa 2

Bonderam festival at Divar island Goa

Bonderam festival at Divar island Goa, is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August during the monsoon with great fanfare and attended by thousands of tourists and locals.

The festival is a memoir to the dispute and the fury of the Villagers over the Portuguese system of resolving the disputes. The villagers on the Divar Island often indulged in some kind of fight over the matter of ownership of their lands. To stop the disputes the Portuguese, put up flags at the boundaries. The villagers did not like this system. So they protested against the Portuguese by throwing stones at the flags. On this day a carnival ambiance is created. Each section of the village has a float at the parade. Melodious music could be heard throughout the village. The gaily coloured floats accompanied by colourfully dressed youngsters make a pretty picture.

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2 thoughts on “Bonderam Festival at Divar Island Goa

  • woody cull

    I friend sent me a link of your times on boat from Bombay to Goa.
    I am so happy to now have a memory now revisited as i never carried a camera in those
    All my years in India still hold many reflective memories. The boat to and from bombay to goa,the small vessels down the waterways to southern kerala, the steam trains on 3rd class unreserved tickets to nowhere and waiting patiently for hours just get the ticket to your destination.This taught me so much in my acceptance of tolerance and patience and the acceptance by a wonderful, loving nature of the indian culture.I have not been back for over 30yrs and was considering it in the near future but I must confess I might be a lot disapointed
    in trying to embrace a new india. Except for the food mind you as i dont think that would have changed to much? Can you still get the fresh curd from the stalls early in the morning? Oh so much to ask.
    Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful posts.

    Regard woody cull