Goa Holidays – Bucket List

Goa Holidays – Bucket List

Goa is a still the top International tourist destination in India. Goa is called the Pearl of the Orient and fondly called the fun capital of India. A best A small state in Western India and lying in the Konkan region of the Western Ghats, this place is blessed with exotic biodiversity. From beaches to places of religious significance and to flea markets; Goa has it all. Every aspect of this party hub effuses the attributes of a perfect tourist destination.

Blessed with a very long coastline, Goa has an  almost unbroken sand cover. So, if you have been searching on Google for the best place in India with sun, sand, palm tree lined sea shores and a good decent crowd you ‘ll be pleased to  to know that Goa has 2 of the top 10 beaches ranked in Asia. Live entertainment on the beach, at shacks and on docked ships are perennial features. Carnival type Music and merriment are a part and parcel of everyday existence. Bestowed with moderate climate, the weather in Goa is another major reason why tourist flock to Goa and Europeans shack-up for months in Goa.

But there is more to Goa then just best beaches and more beaches.

Barretto Holidays has put together a list of top 10 places to visit in Goa during your holidays – and no beaches please 🙂

Dudhsagar WaterfallsBarretto Holidays - Dudhsagar Falls Goa

When looking at the map of Goa, center-right extreme lies one of the most beautiful place in Goa. Ecologically fragile environment, surrounded by lush green forest and with hundreds of species of flora and fauna, natural river streams to cross will get you to the famous Dudhsagar Waterfalls. This water falls will take your breath away. Its simply  a paradise like place to visit. Its in-accessible during the monsoon. Waterfalls  deplete during the summers but is worth going during all other times of the year.


Beautiful Churches of Old GoaBarrettoHolidays - Beautiful Churches of Old Goa

Not just one or two but many and the most famous among them is  Bom Jesus Basilica,  where in lies the body of St. Francis Xavier. Back to back churches of  Se Cathedral, which I would say the most magnificent and architecturally beautiful church in the whole of Goa. Also not to miss visiting is the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the Church of St. Cajetan’s.  Yet, another must visit Church is the ruins and the broken tower of St. Augustine.

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Reis-Magos Fort

Barretto Holidays - Reis-Magos-Fort-Goa

The most beautiful fort in Goa is none other than Reis-Magos Fort, just 2 kms from Verem market in Bardez Taluka. For long this fort was kept in isolation and was hardly used after Goa’s liberation. After the Goa government decided to renovate it, the care-taking and upkeep of it is being entrusted to a  private firm. The entry charges are meager Rs. 50/- per head during the week days and Rs. 20/- on Sundays. Every corner you visit of the fort will give you of beautiful surroundings in its vicinity and there is no other fort in Goa which will offer this sort of a pleasing sight. The size of the fort is almost half of the Aguada fort and we bet you, there is much more of it than we can write.


Aguada Fort

Barretto Holidays - Aguda Fort Goa

Aguada  Fort is situated at Sinquerim, North Goa. The most popular, strategically located and from atop you get a beautiful  view of the Sinquerim beach.

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Grand Island

Barretto Holidays - Grand Island Goa

Accessible during October to May and only through water sports operators who organize Adventure Trips.

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Spice Garden

Barretto Holidays - Spice Gardens Ponda Goa

Tropical Spice Plantation is located in keri (ponda), a village untouched by pollution, 6 km off Ponda. Tropical Spice plantation can also be reached from Panjim via Mardol.

Tropical Spice Plantation is spread over large tract of verdant land, which offers the perfect setting for you to soak in a pure unadulterated nature. Mother nature has generously blessed this land with all the elements of a perfectly refreshing ambiance. The cover of greens, the vegetation, the chirping of birds and the innocent and tranquil stream make it a breathtaking destination.

Listen to the delightful birds, laze around by the stream or simply enjoy a stroll through the stretch of beetle nut plantations. The tropical spice plantation has lots to offer, peace of mind being the greatest of all.

The splendor of this place, enchanting and melodious, inspiring and soothing is sure to leave an impression that is timeless. People who have visited once have come back again. Moreover they have discovered new facets of this paradise every time.


Ancestral Goa MuseumBarretto Holidays - ancestarl gao

Ancestral Goa, is a museum dedicated to cataloging the lifestyle of people as it existed in the days of yore. It is essentially a history book of life-sized proportions displaying the various facets of life as it existed back then. A period that was influenced by the Portuguese colonists yet still retained some of its traditional flavor and maintained an eccentric originality. Ancestral Goa preserves these dying quirks of Goan life as it was for the reference of the visitor. Also called BIG FOOT, post the discovery of a foot print on a rock, where visitors pray for blessings, Ancestral Goa is furthermore an ecological center, with its wide parkland atmosphere, it is home to many species of indigenous birds and reptiles.

Salaulim DamBarretto Holidays - Salaulim Dam Goa

The Salaulim Dam  located on the Salaulim River, a tributary of the Zuari River in Goa, It is situated in South Goa, Geo Coordinates 15°12′47″N 74°10′44″E    is an integral component of the Salaulim Irrigation Project which envisages benefits of irrigation and drinking water supply.  The dam is a composite earth-cum-masonry dam. It was initially planned to provide irrigation to an ultimate potential of 14,326 hectares (35,400 acres) and water supply of 160 million liters per day (MLD) to South Goa.

Bondla Wild Life SanctuaryBarretto Holidays - Bondla WildLife Sanctuary

38 kms from Margao is the smaller of the three wildlife sanctuaries of Goa – the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. More than a sanctuary, it is an ideal jungle resort, a major attraction for school going children and nature lovers. Its mini zoo, sprawling deer park in natural habitat, botanical and rose gardens attract people throughout the year.

The Bondla wildlife sanctuary is about 50 Kms from Panaji and 38 Kms from Margao and 20 Kms east of Ponda. It is more of a jungle resort with tourist cottages available on site run by the Forest Department.

The common animals that inhabit the sanctuary are the Gaur and the Sambhar deer. It is a popular destination for school picnics. It is closed on Thursdays. There are tour buses that make a stop over at Bondla from Margao and Panaji.

The Sanctuary is just 8 sq. km. in size, located among hills at the junction of three Talukas viz. Ponda, Sanguem and Sattari. It boasts of a Mini Zoo, Deer Safari Park, Formal Gardens, Botanic Gardens and Eco-Tourism Cottages.

It is connected to Ponda as well as Molem by a good tar-road. Late evenings and nights are very pleasant. Bondla is a Paradise for Eco-Tourists.


Wednesday Flea Market, AnjunaBarretto Holidays - flea-markets-at-the-Anjuna

The weekly Wednesday flea market at Anjuna is as much part of the Goan experience as a day on the beach. More than three decades ago, it was conceived and created by hippies smoking jumbo joints, convening to compare experiences on the heady Indian circuit and selling pairs of Levi jeans or handmade jewelry to help fund the rest of their stay.Nowadays things are far more mainstream and the merchandise comes from all over India: sculptures and jewellery courtesy of the Tibetan and Kashmiri traders; colorful Gujarati tribal women selling T-shirts; richly colorful saris, bags and bedspreads from Rajasthan; sacks of spices from Kerala; and the hard-to-miss tribal girls from Karnataka pleading passers-by to ‘come look in my shop.’ Weaving in among this syrupy blend of stalls are the remaining hippies, backpackers, weekenders from Mumbai, and bus- and taxi-loads of package tourists from Russia and Europe.Such purchasing power has inevitably pushed market prices up but with plenty of competition you can still find some good bargains if you know the right price. These days the market sprawls back from the beach to the entrance road in the paddy fields; the endless stalls can become repetitive after a while. For a rest from the shopping there are chai stalls and a couple of restaurant-bars with live music. Cafe Looda has a fabulous sunset beachfront location and live music from 5pm. You might still find Westerners trading goods and services (tattoos, piercings and the like) but it’s much more a souvenir market. Despite changes over the years, the market shows no sign of waning in popularity, so dive in and enjoy the ride. The best time to visit is early (from 8 am) or late afternoon (around 4 pm till close just after sunset). The first market of the season is around mid-November, continuing till the end of April.

Other interesting Places to visit in Goa

Saturday Night Market

Barretto Holidays - Saturday Nite Market 2 - Arpora, Goa

This sprawling market is Located in Arpora and transpires every Saturday evening from 6pm until late night. Here, one may find everything from archetypal Indian stalls selling spices, teas, Kashmiri carpets and silver jewelry to international designers who convene from all over the word to sell their unique creations, many of which may be found only here. This market also houses food stalls featuring cuisines from across the globe, and the center stage that hosts live concerts featuring Rock to Indian Classical. Further up the hill, is “The Boutique House Bar” that serves delightful cocktails (try the fresh strawberry Daiquiri) while DJs play late into the night.

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Mapusa, Friday Market

Barretto-Holidays friday marke Mapusa - Goa of goods ranging This large market have a plethora from clothes, textiles, farm produce [vegetables& fruits], spices and household utensils and gadgets. Eating shops serving mainly Indian/Goan meals can be found around the market. Unlike the Anjuna Wednesday flea market, the vendors/shopkeepers at Mapusa are all locals. They are housed in small shops and between them on the roads are also vendors displaying their wares under their large umbrellas to shield off the hot sun especially from late afternoon onward. You can bargain but not as much as in the case of the Anjuna flea market. The market is adjacent to the Mapusa bus station and it is very convenient if you are in Panjim to take a shuttle bus from Kadamba bus station directly to this market. If you like nuts then lookout for the cashew nuts [comes in various preparation] and buy from this market – they more reasonably prices compared to other parts of Goa. The crowd builds up by noon time especially with the tourists and therefore to there to there early morning if you want to avoid the milling crowd and heat of the day. It is opened on normal days, however on Fridays the momentum seems to build up and there more vendors/traders on that day.


The Village of Nuvem, Salcette, Goa

The Village” a venue in the midst of nature giving you an ambiance with no match to any other party venue. The Village goes by the name, it is surrounded  by nature & is blessed with all the beauty to make your celebration even more memorable. It is the right place to have you special day celebrated.

A massive stone quarry tower above, & at its base is a little Goan hamlet, replete with Indo-Portuguese style houses in many hues.The village is one of its kind for a party venue. Central located to Margoa, Nuvem & Verna, it is all her in its beauty to have your guest & family enjoy every moment of your celebration.

The Village can accommodate 1000 guests. Giving you the flexibility to plan anywhere from a small party to a big wedding. Natural environment with the bliss of gods creations, all around to make the Village one of its kind.

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