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Goa Holidays – Best Places to Stay in North Goa

Goa Holidays – Best Places to Stay in North Goa

How many of  you have had problems deciding where to stay in Goa North during your Holidays ?

It’s been now 15 years that I have been providing home-stays to the tourists arriving in Goa and I still see the craze for Holidaying in Goa. Goa as a primary holiday destination is growing every year. As a local resident of Calangute and witness to this huge surge in arrival of tourist drung the peak month Nov-May, both domestic and foreign tourist, year after year.  They all come flocking to Goa, the Sun and Sand kissed land of beaches, relaxation, food, drinks and parties. Goa has Asia’s top 2 best beaches,  as reported in a survey of world wide best beaches, conducted in Feb 2016.

For me, I see it in a very interesting way, especially the long queues of vehicles entering the village of Calangute. It’s top Holiday destination in India. A place to  party and go to the beach.

So everybody wants to go to the surrounding popular beaches namely Calangute, Candolim, Baga & Anjuna. Some tourist go for a swim while others just laze out on the beach chairs spread out by the shack owners and sip beers. The aura and fame of these beaches, since the peak  hippy days of 1960’s and 1970’s, brings in the maximum tourist flow into these villages.  Also now because of the  night parties and good restaurants. When seen with with all the decorations and part-time lightings in the night, they are the ultimate and most beautiful places to enjoy specifically during Xmas and  the New Year time. It’s something out of the world. It looks like any other western country here with plenty of foreign tourist floating around.

But one need to think of some few factors before you decide to drop in any of the happenings places I mentioned. Ever since I have been noticing the increase in  flow of tourist in these villages a quick look into Google Map may help you  explore the small lanes off the main Roads, connecting to the villages of Calangute and Candolim. Because, if you decide to take the main roads, you will be wandering around and getting stuck at every turn and corner. It will just waste your time on the road rather than relaxing and partying in the villages. The year of 2015-16 has been the “Year of Dust” to the villagers of Calangute as the roads were dug up and the vehicular movement made life miserable for the tourist in general. And if I were a tourist coming to Goa without booking accommodation in advance, I would prefer to stay at Candolim or Arpora for that matter. Hope the year 2016-17, becomes a giant leap in the development of this village and I am looking forward to see more tourist in 2016-17.

Finding a parking spot is difficult in these villages of Calangute, Candolim and Anjuna because the infrastructure is very poor and there is lack of parking space, specially during the Xmas week and then it becomes worse towards the year end,  especially towards the late evening and then night. Also, you must know where you are parking your vehicle because in the excitement of partying you might forget where you have parked your vehicle. Forgetting where you parked you vehicle is a common phenomenon during the peak season because of the density of bikes in Goa.

Hiring a bike or a rent-a-cab is expensive and some operators fleece you. Again, this overcharging becomes a day-light-robbery during the peak season (Nov-May), then  Xmas week and Year end, when the cost of hiring a scooter touches to Rs.1000-1500/day and usually this trend goes for 4-5 days. Going around inquiring and searching for an accommodation during the Peak Seasons time (Nov-May),  Xmas week and Year end   is not worth it, it’s next to impossible to get a decent place to stay  at times. The thumb rule here, around these peak times of the year is that you come in  with a pre-booked itinerary. And thanks to the wide spread usage of  internet today in Digital India, pre-booking is the best option for a relaxed holiday.

Do you think you can beat the high  room tariffs, Taxi Hire rates, Bike Rental rates  & self-driven Car Hire rates during the peak tourist season in Goa – and get some deal rates and discounts ?

And here’s  are some tips from me to beat the high rates during the Peak Tourist Season in Goa

Pre-book an accommodation in some quality and much cheaper accommodation which is 3-4 kms away from Calangute & Candolim. And then use the money saved on other expenses and requirements like bike hire, extra expenses in a restaurants etc.

The same goes for bikes, self driven cars and Taxi hire. All these can be pre-booked in advance to avoid been fleeced because of last minute bookings.

By turning away from very expensive locations like Panjim and Mapusa cities, you will save time and money by searching for accommodations in Nerul, Pilerne, Saligao or Nagoa-Arpora which are just 3-5kms away from Calangute or Candolim. Safer, cleaner and quieter places to stay.

It’s something I would  surely do being in the tourism business for so long and knowing the Goa terrain too well.

Alternatively, you can contact me @ +91-9422635717 (whatsApp) | [email protected] for your pre-bookings before your next holidays to Goa.

The writer Anthony Cruz de Souza, is the proprietor of <<adventuregoa>>

Barretto Holidays - Anthony Dsouza

He is a local of Calangute, Goa. He has been in the Goa tourism business for the last 15 years. Home-stays, Villas, bikes, SuVs, Taxis, Self driven Cars, Adventured tours in Goa, Yachts and Boats on hire. You name it he has it. Caters to tourists of all economy levels – from “Exclusive to Economy”.

He can be reached @ +91-9422635717 |  [email protected]

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