Barretto Holidays - 31 Dec 2015 party time in Goa

Goa on 31st December

Stories of  31st Dec party-time in Goa and Tips for  year end tourist

How many of  you have witnessed  Goa on 31st December ?

It’s been now 15 years that I have been providing home-stays to the tourists arriving in Goa and I still see the craze for the December 31st is growing every year. As a local resident of Calangute and witness to this huge surge in arrival of tourist on the eve of a new year, year after year.

For me, I see it in a very interesting way, especially the long queues of vehicles entering the village of Calangute. It’s a party time of course, but the real fact is you will wonder where are all these people going? It’s a dead end and at the dead end is the sea-shore at Calangute with dotted beach shacks along its coastline and just a km away from it is a long queue of vehicles struggling to ferry people to the party paradise, to the celebrate the coming of a yet a another new year.

So everybody wants to gather on the beach to see the fireworks display by beach shack operators and hotels and restaurants. Calangute, Candolim & Anjuna, the three most famed locations of tourist interest. Their aura and fame since the hippy days of 1960’s and 1970’s, brings the maximum of tourist flow into these villages.  Also now because of night parties and good restaurants. When seen with all decorations and part-time lightings they are the ultimate and most beautiful places to enjoy the eve of the New Year in India. It’s something out of the world. It looks like any other western country here with plenty of foreign tourist floating around. If you are  not happy do not worry there are some very good venues like Alva Mar and Emerald Lawns in Parra which plays host to families willing to enjoy formal parties with their near and dear ones and you will not be surprised that the entry fees are also very reasonable.

Emerald-Lawns-Goa - Party time in Goa

Emerald-Lawns-Goa – Party time in Goa

But one need to think of some few factors before you decide to drop in any of the happenings points I mentioned. Ever since I have been noticing the flow of tourist in these villages on the day of 31st December a quick look into Google Map may help you if you try to explore the non-main Roads connecting to the villages of Calangute and Candolim. Because, if you decide to take the main roads, you will be wandering around and getting stuck at every turn and corner. It will just waste your time on the road rather than relaxing and partying in the villages. The year of 2015 has been the “Year of Dust” to the villagers of Calangute as the roads were dug up and the vehicular movement made life miserable for the tourist in general. And if I were tourist coming to Goa without booking accommodation in advance, I would prefer to stay at Candolim or Arpora for that matter. Hope the year 2016, a leap year, becomes a giant leap in the development of this village and I am looking forward to see more tourist in 2016.

Finding a parking spot is difficult in these villages of Calangute, Candolim and Anjuna because the infrastructure is very poor and there is lack of parking space on this day of 31st December, especially towards the late evening and then night. Also, you must know where you are parking your vehicle because in the excitement of partying you might forget where you have parked your vehicle. Forgetting where you parked you vehicle is a common phenomenon during this time of the year.

Hiring a bike or a rent-a-cab is expensive and as the day’s approaches to December 31st the cost of hiring a scooter touches to Rs.1000-1500/day and usually this trend goes for 4-5 days. Going around enquiring and searching for an accommodation on Dec 31st   is not worth it, it’s next to impossible to get one. The thumb rule here, around this time of the year is that you come in with a pre-booked itinerary.

Mary Immaculate Chruch - Panjim - Goa

Mary Immaculate Chruch – Panjim – Goa

Do you think you can beat the heat of the room tariffs during the year end (very high room tariffs)?

Yes you can! And here’s a tip from me.

Pre-book an accommodation in some quality and much cheaper accommodation which is 3-4 kms away from Calangute & Candolim. And then use the money saved on other expenses and requirements like bike hire, extra expenses in a restaurant etc.

By turning away from very expensive locations like Panjim and Mapusa cities, you will save time and money by searching for accommodations in Nerul, Pilerne, Saligao or Nagoa-Arpora which are just 3-5kms away from Calangute or Candolim.

It’s something I would   surely do being in the tourism business and knowing the Goa terrain too well.

Cheers and my best wishes to all of you for the year 2016.

The writer Anthony Cruz de Souza, is the proprietor of <<adventuregoa>>

He is a local of Calangute, Goa. He has been in the Goa tourism business for the last 15 years. Home-stays, Villas, bikes, SuVs, Cars, Yachts and Boats on hire. You name it he has it. Caters to tourists of all economic levels. From “Exclusive to Economy”.

He can be reached @ +91-9422635717 |  [email protected]

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